Summer Film Challenge Report #1

Date: 6 May 2011

Film: The Room

My Rating: Film 1/10, Experience 9/10


Morally deplorable, of the lowest quality I have ever seen, goes nowhere and ultimately is entirely a waste of time – and I have rarely had so much fun watching a movie.  The midnight showing of the horrendous atrocity of a film, The Room, was an absolutely side-splitting, spoon-throwing, rolling in the aisles experience that I would not trade for all the sleep in the world.  It was amazing to see a group of total strangers get together and just laugh with each other.  And, the fact that Tommy Wiseau actually came and introduced the film made it all the more worth it.

As for the film itself, it well exceeded my expectations as to how bad it was. The plot (wait was there one?) was about a man (whom we know nothing about) living and loving in San Francisco.  I say loving because there were at least 5 moderately graphic sex scenes in the movie, to which I was not aware of prior.  This is the reason I cannot give the film anything above a one on its own – I do not promote pornographic material.  However, when viewed in the context that everyone is making fun of how awful it is and with good friends to joke with during them, I still recommend you experience the Rocky Horror-esque showing at some point. If you can’t get yourself to the showing, just youtube the room and you will find the best bits (sans-commentary) there.

Back to the story (YOU JUST GOT HERE!), Johnny’s girl is cheating on him with his best friend and really using both.  The acting is deplorable and I question whether anyone actually read the script before arriving on set.  The cinematography is cool…the first time you see it.  Then the next eight times you see the same shot, you begin to realize how bad it really is.  The music, the acting, it’s all just bad.

Sum up: DO NOT WATCH THIS ALONE!!! This film is absolutely awful, so don’t waste your time watching it for plot. Watch it with friends, preferably with at least one person who knows the major jokes and commentary rules.  Just remember this – feel free to comment during the film, don’t expect much, and bring plenty of spoons. You’re going to need them.  Trust me.


Author: Tyler D. Welch

Filmmaker, Storyteller, Scholar

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