Introducing: The 2011 Summer Film Challenge


My friend Ryan and I challenged each other – every year we’ll watch movies that we haven’t seen and review them for the other.  We did this last year and it was awesome, so we did it again this year. “WHAT DOES THIS MEAN TO ME!?” you yell through your screen. Well, impatience audience members, you will be seeing said reviews posted here.  Below I will post the movies we are to watch (10 movies + 1 show I have seen he hasn’t, 10 + 1 he has I haven’t and 6 classics neither have seen).  Directly after uploading that (as in within five minutes), I will post the first review.

So, from 20 miles outside of Little Rock, Arkansas, goodnight and stop. being. so. impatient! (geez!)

Ryan’s Movies


  1. Be Kind Rewind
  2. Book of Eli
  3. Deep Blue Sea
  4. Harvey
  5. Hero
  6. I Am Legend
  7. Miracle on 34th
  8. Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind
  9. Pontypool
  10. Quick and the Dead

SHOW:  Avatar – The Last Airbender

Tyler’s Movies


  1. Adaptation
  2. Being John Malkovich
  3. Eternal Sunshine
  4. Fargo
  5. Groundhog Day
  6. Hannah and her Sisters
  7. Maltese Falcon
  8. Network
  9. The Town
  10. Treasure of the Sierra Madre

Show:  Battlestar Galactica



  1. Blazing Saddles
  2. Donnie Darko
  3. Halloween
  4. Purple Rose of Cairo
  5. Room
  6. Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

Author: Tyler D. Welch

Filmmaker, Storyteller, Scholar

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