Final LOST Thoughts

Here I am, FINALLY on the eve of finishing LOST.  I have been putting it off due to various distractions like traveling across the country, being a good host, catching up with friends, and simply finding a way to watch it somewhere other than my messed up laptop.  And finally the stars have aligned (or something like that) and I am about to watch “The End”.  I am both excited and very nervous.

I was sitting here, re-viewing the 119 episode of this incredible journey of a show and, as it finished, I sat down and wrote out the questions I want answered in the finale.  In total it was about 10 questions but I noted several things which I would like to note before I finish the show.  First, the questions distill down to three things which, to me, must be answered in the Finale:

  1. What is up with Desmond?
  2. How do the alternate universe/worlds/whatevers collide?
  3. Who wins and how?
Basically that’s what I want from the finale. That and a freaking huge mess of catharsis would be nice. Other notes:
  • I am really okay with the ambiguous “Light” that must be guarded from the “Darkness”.  If they made it specific, I don’t think I would like it as much.  If this was some long bleep story about the Fountain of Youth, you and I and audiences everywhere would have hated it.
  • The showdown was rushed in this Sixth Season but I think it, to coin a phrase, it is better late than never.  For the first time the show has a very definite direction and I think, while it could have used more fleshing out, it works and I am very excited about how it all goes down.
  • My greatest regret for the show is that they didn’t start the arc that Jack has to figure out his purpose on the island sooner (Like Season 3!!!).
  • On the other hand, I love that the writers did not linger much on the shift of responsibility from Jacob to Jack.  You may disagree with me on that point but you cannot say that you didn’t know going into the latter part of Season 6 that Jack was the new Jacob.  To be honest, I got that around Episode 5 (“Lighthouse”) when Jacob tells Hugo that Jack has to figure out why he is there. We knew it. Don’t dwell on it. Get to the point, Man!
  • I AM SO SICK OF THE MUSIC! What I look forward to more that most anything about ending this series is I don’t have to watch the same “reunion on the beach” scene with accompanying music!  Or the “Oh no! Here comes Smokey!” music!  Or the “Who the BLEEP knows what the BLEEP is going on!?!?” music!!!!!!!
Over all, I am very excited to see how this happens.  I want to thank the entirety of the world for not spoiling it for me, though I am watching it nearly a year after it debuted.  It could be great or terrible or both.
Dr. Parham, and Audience, tomorrow you shall know what I think of the finale of the greatest television phenomenon of the early 21st Century, and possibly, of all television history.
7 years of my life. Reward $$$

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Author: Tyler D. Welch

Filmmaker, Storyteller, Scholar

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