“The Game” – It Fails and You Lose

Film: The Game
*Non-Film Challenge*
My Rating: 3/10

My ratings system needs some explanation.  I base my reviews off two different ratings systems – the first, the Film Challenge’s, and the second, my own.  Evaluation of movies for the Summer Film Challenge is based on the following chart:

0: Chose not to watch on moral grounds
1-3: Not recommendable to anyone
4-5: Bad/did not like but others might
6: Meh.
7-10: Good to AMAZING!! ;D

My ratings system is a little more complicated, so I intend to include it in the body of my reasoning.  There are three basis of criteria I review – Impact, Quality of Production, and Story.

       Impact involves the “change your life”-ness of the film and is ranked 1-4, four being earth-shattering. As my professor puts it, it the movie worthwhile or is it “junk food”?

       Quality of Production is pretty obvious I hope – is the movie well made technically – and is ranked 1-5.

        Story analyzes the uniqueness, the pull-you-in factor, the quality of the story itself outside of the portrayal of it.  Another way to put it is how much potential does this story have? I rank this 1-5.

So there you have it.  No for…

My Reasoning:
I really did not like this movie. Period.  The fact that it was a David Fincher movie enticed me into seeing it (plus we had to watch it for a class) and I was excited going into it.  However the movie fell totally flat.  The production was good and the acting was okay but the plot and story were totally ridiculous. I recommend you do NOT see this movie.

This is actually a great place to bring up my big beef with movies these days. The question I ask myself after every movie is “Why was this made?” While every movie doesn’t have to posess a blatant and obvious moral-of-the-story, they all do have a purpose for which they were made. Be it to pose a question or to divulge the true story or just to make money, every movie is made for a reason.

From this I ask, “Why was The Game made? What was its purpose? To what end is it in existence?”  David Fincher is a genius who churns out one great mind-bending movie after another.  However, this follow-up to Se7en really doesn’t go anywhere. Nothing is really gained or lost, no change really occurs.

Ultimately we spend two hours wondering what is real and what isn’t. I don’t want to spoil anything but I question the “reality” of the ending – in that it doesn’t work. Period.  I was sorely disappointed and felt cheated of my time.

This might be the most scathing review I have ever written. I recognize that a lot of people like this movie (particularly in my class) and I would love to hear some feedback and argument.  Let me know what you think!

P.S. – I am trying to get to posting once per day. Thanks for your patience as I figure this thing out!


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Author: Tyler D. Welch

Filmmaker, Storyteller, Scholar

2 thoughts on ““The Game” – It Fails and You Lose”

  1. You really should do a review with spoilers where you can divulge a little bit more why this movie did not work for you. You can’t just say “it doesn’t work” and then leave it at that. You have to say why it doesn’t work or else your opinion has very little validity. You mention why a little bit but you don’t really go into it which causes me to question if you actually know what you’re talking about. I personally know you do know what you’re talking about and, believe it or not, I am in partial agreement with you about this movie, but other people reading this will be very quick to dismiss you. Just more (hopefully) friendly advice!

  2. Thanks for the advice. I see from your blog that you have seen it now, so I probably will go back and do a more in-depth, spoilerrific review now. Btw: glad to see I inspired you and looking forward to the post about “tobogganing” 🙂

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