“Blazing Saddles” – Not So Hot

Summer Film Challenge 2011
Date: 25 May 2011
Film:  Blazing Saddles
My Rating: 7/10

It comes down to this: it was good and a little bit fun, but it just wasn’t as amazing as Brooks other stuff.  The main jokes were good (ie – “the sheriff is a n___” and the self holdup) and the meta joke at the end is okay.  What I found wrong with it is that it just isn’t as funny as his other stuff.  Hedley Lamarr, Lili Von Shtupp, even Mel Brooks’ Governor character get pushed to the wayside for the mains (Little and Wilder).  While this is normally a great thing, they decided to cut the potential for great jokes amongst the minor characters and go with the 20 minute long break of the fourth wall. The end makes little to no sense – it is a cheap, throwaway joke that really wrecks the train of the film.

It may seem like I don’t like the film, but that is not true.  I thought the bit about the toll road was hilarious, as was the incredible quantity of racial jokes.  It was funny.  I enjoyed it and am sure you would as well.  It just wasn’t my favorite Brooks film.  He has done better work.

In short, watch it and enjoy!  It is a fantastic parody of the Western Genre and it is really funny.  Just realize it might not be the same as some of his other stuff and that the end will be weird.

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Author: Tyler D. Welch

Filmmaker, Storyteller, Scholar

2 thoughts on ““Blazing Saddles” – Not So Hot”

  1. Awesome website. Be sure to keep me updated, at least through facebook, about this. I’ll be sure to be a regular reader if you do.

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