We interrupt your weekly schedule to bring you this news flash:

J.K. Rowling just announced Pottermore – a new site which will allow fans to do far more than just purchase the long anticipated audio and e-Book versions of the beloved Harry Potter series!  We will be able to access her own writings and insights into the world of Harry Potter (I am a HUGE FAN in case you couldn’t tell).

The site is set to open to everyone in October but they are taking emails to be some of the first people in around July 15th.

Click this link to get her announcement video — Pottermore
Click this link to get the introduction site — Pottermore.com
Click this link to get Mugglenet’s report — Mugglenet.com 

Thanks everyone!  I am pumped to see where this goes and I hope you’ll join me in that!  Have a splendiforific day and check back tomorrow for the massive “Art of the Trailer” post!

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Author: Tyler D. Welch

Filmmaker, Storyteller, Scholar

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