Super 8 – A Super Movie! :D

**Non-Summer Film Challenge**
Film:  Super 8
Rating:   9.5/10

So I finally got around to seeing Abram’s and Spielberg’s collaboration and, like everyone else, I loved it!  It was well written, well executed, all around just excellent film. It tugged heart strings that I didn’t expect as well as satisfying the mystery and excitement that I did anticipate.  I loved that I went in thinking it was a dark, updated version of ET, but it really showed up as it’s own film that is worthy of all the hype it is getting.

I was surprised at how dark it really is. I expected it to be more intense, of course, than the early Spielberg films that it is often compared to, but I didn’t expect it to be so crazy.  The wreck was terrifying, as was the reveal of what was in the train car.  I really didn’t expect it to go as far as it did in that realm but I was pleasantly surprised that Abrams didn’t hold back.

The other thing that really stood out to me about it was the performances of the children. They really brought their A-game, I thought, and the film really is carried by my empathy for and with them. It was also a joy for me as a filmmaker myself to see the parallels that must have occurred on set. I wonder if Joel Courtney (who plays Joe Lamb) was given the opportunity to shadow a makeup artist, if Riley Griffiths (Charles) got to hang out with J.J. and see how it works. It must have been a joy to work on and I wish I had known they were filming in West Virginia. I might have gone out to help!

Only a few things seemed off to me, and I will touch those lightly. First, and others might have mentioned this, but the lens flair thingy at the trains station (the blue line when they first arrive) didn’t really work for me. Both my Dad and I were thrown off by it. It jarred us out of the film to wonder if that was a mistake, and (***SPOILER COMING***) I get the parallelism with the end, but it still doesn’t really work for me.  It is too jarring and it doesn’t come enough for me to be cool with it.

The only other issue I have might have been an issue with the theater in which I saw it.  The sound was weird. It seemed like it was constantly peaking which caused it to sound scratchy and nasty. This particularly came through during the train wreck. I understand the concept of using sounds to enhance a mood, going from silence with bigger sounds to a loud bit in which it’s all a bit blended together. However it seemed to me that everything was a bit blown out. Again, I saw the movie in a really junky theater (Carmike) so if you had the same issue and know what I am talking about, please comment and let me know below. Might push my review up to a 10 if that was just the theater.

Ultimately, it was an amazing film that I plan to go back and watch again.  Well crafted bit of cinema that reminds us that it still can be done. Might not take my young friends to see it but certainly well worth the time of anyone who loves movies.

Thank you for sticking with me, as I have been working hard on my new blog – The Art of the Trailer. Check it out and let me know which trailers you want me to review.  It is going to be fun and I look forward to really delving into it.  So again, thank you, please comment below, and I will leave you with a clue as to my next review:

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Author: Tyler D. Welch

Filmmaker, Storyteller, Scholar

5 thoughts on “Super 8 – A Super Movie! :D”

  1. It sounded fine where I saw it so it was probably the theater you were in. The lens flare thing was definitely not a mistake. J.J. Abrams is famous for putting lens flares in his movies. It’s one of his stylistic flairs. Maybe you already knew that.

  2. Thanks Ryan. The 9.5 is because I couldn’t fairly judge that without help. Because of your comment about the sound I am bumping it up to a 10/10 rating.
    Loved your review of it and I totally would have seen it had it been called “Close Encounters of the Goonies and the Extra-Terrestrial Poltergiest” 😀
    Can’t tell whether you are being sarcastic about the final comment but all shall be revealed on Tuesday.

  3. I’m definitely not being sarcastic. I have no idea what that is. My guess would be that you’re reviewing The Pit and the Pendulum. It’s actually driving me a little crazy. I just don’t know what it is!!!

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