A Little Announcement…..

YEAH!!!!  If you couldn’t already tell, this post is to formally announce that for the first time ever in the three year run of the Summer Film Challenge I, Tyler Welch, have FINALLY completed the Challenge on time!!!!!!!  Yesterday afternoon I watched the final film on my list, Synecdoche, New York, and thus brought to a close the 2012 Apocalypse Edition of the Summer Film Challenge.  Sixteen films plus a short television show now under my belt, I am so ready to face the semester starting tomorrow!

Now, obviously not all of the SFC12 reviews are up yet.  Ryan and I are both working furiously to get those completed and posted on our blogs respectively, and we hope to have everything completed by the end of September.  However, please try to be patient with us as we are both preparing to shoot our senior thesis “Capstone” film as well as begin a new academic year, so it is very likely that our reviews will be slowing down quite a bit.  You can check out all of our reviews over on Ryan’s blog and watch as the final reviews roll in.

So what is next then?  Well, besides uploading the last SFC12 reviews over the coming months, I am working on a massive Quickee post to cover all the non-Challenge films I saw over the summer that I have been meaning to review.  That will be the first thing to drop after all the Challenge critiques are up.  Also, Ryan and I will be doing a recap podcast about the Summer Film Challenge 2012 so expect that soon after the reviews get posted.  And for those of you out there who have been actually waiting for the Bioshock review, don’t think I have forgotten it.  I think the final product will be less massive as I initially planned, but that will be a result of me tightening up my arguments and focusing on a few important things I don’t think have been discussed enough about the game and the genre in general. So, be looking forward to that sometime in October.

Oh….and there may be a little surprise Ryan and I are cooking up for the rest of the Fall so stay tuned. We got some big(ish) things planned…..

So!  Thank you for sticking with me throughout this whole thing and I hope you will continue to check out the blog for the last few reviews of the 2012 Summer Film Challenge and all the stuff that comes after that.  I have really enjoyed taking this journey with you over the past months and I hope to keep this regiment alive as I continue to take in stories and films over the coming years.  Until then, thank you once again for being with me on this and I hope you enjoy a few choice expressions of my joy at completing the Challenge on time.  🙂


Author: Tyler D. Welch

Filmmaker, Storyteller, Scholar

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