A Tribute to the Boy Who Lived

With just under 36 hours left until The End, I thought I would take a second to remember just how big this phenomenon is and share some of my favorite HP links.

Potter Puppet Pals – Bother! A classic set of spoofs of the HP universe…with Puppets!

Pottermore – Still waiting to see what exactly Jo’s got cooking with her new project.

Dear Mr. Potter – A link to the book I mentioned in my review. Really great look at how big this really movement really is.

Mugglenet –  The best authority on all things Potter. I listened to these guys back at the release of book 6.

Mugglecast – Podcast by the above, which is a great source for Potter news from the Orlando theme park to chapter-by-chapter analysis of each book.

The Harry Potter Alliance – Another great fan site and the producers of Dear Mr. Potter

Leaky Cauldron – ANOTHER great fan site 🙂

RAP BATTLE!!! – 😀 Done by a group I love, IndyMogul – for all your DIY film needs.

Literal Trailer – Bit more Tobuscus for you. Just kill him with your awesome, Harry.

Starkid Productions – AMAZING parody’s of the Potter series, A Very Potter Musical and A Very Potter Sequel are hilarious and well worth the three hours each of them are. Seriously the funniest Potter spoofs I have ever seen! Don’t believe me? Ask Umbridge!

"Did you get my text?"


Those are my favorite Potter tributes and sites! Check them out and let me know what you think! Also let me know if you have a great site or video which I missed in the comments below! Keep calm, wait for July 15, and check out my review of the Trailer for Part 2 tomorrow on the Art of the Trailer!  Thanks!

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