LOST thoughts

I am on the eve of the end of Lost.  It has been a three year, slow catch-up process with long delays and rollercoaster love for the show.  The long and tedious journey to finally get off the island is nearly over and I want to capture this moment, so that later versions of me can relive this thought.  So here are my thoughts:

  • I must first say that my desire and love for the show has waxed and waned over the years.  To me the best episode of the entire series thus far was the pilot.  It is the only episode at which I was stunned and awed by the mystery of the island and the characters.
  • The main issue I have with the show right now is that they keep running the same gambit hoping to keep the mystery going.  It is like putting duct-tape on a man’s leg and ripping it off – while this hurts like hell the first time and is really exciting, when you put the tape back on and try to pull more, it doesn’t do much.  They did this for 5 seasons…right.
  • Season 1 was fantastic – I was very engaged and loved getting to know the characters, setting and style of the show.
  • Season 2 to me was where the writers sat down and figured out what the heck was going on.  The quote sticks out to me that they “knew where the show was going, just not how we are going to get there.”  The characters were developed which helps but nothing really happens
  • Season 3-5:  what the poop?  The show goes from an interesting character interaction story to some crazy deep mystery, plot-driven and entirely dependent on me not knowing and wanting to figure out the mystery of what the mystery is. [insert demeaning comparison to The Game]
  • Season 6 part 1 – This was crap. It fell right into the 3-5 pitfalls and was really hard to stay interested.  Nothing happens.
  • Season 6 part 2 – Starting at Episode 9: Ab Aeterno, the show actually got really good.  The writers finally realized the way to excite me is not to keep ripping off non-existent leg hair, but to start to put healing ointment on it.
  • Starting with Richard’s back-story, we, the audience, finally are thrown a bone and get something explained to us!  The island begins to take shape.
  • FINALLY Jack finds a purpose!  I wish they had started the “he has to figure out why he is here” arch for Jack in season 3:  slowly hint at it for a while and then make it huge toward the end.
  • Making Desmond big again works well because finally we have a character who knows what is going on, knows what he is doing and actively pursues it.
  • The backstory of Jacob and “Smokey” was great with two exceptions:
  • They left it a little too vague and the fountain of youth thing? Really!?
  • First Flashback of the show…3 episodes to the end.  I, we, the Audience has wanted this for too long! Why didn’t you start this, like, 3 SEASONS AGO!!!
  • Going into the final episodes, I like the set up of clear objectives on both sides.  The pacing of the succession of Jacob was handled very well and I thought it was fine that they didn’t dally on something we knew already – Jack is taking over the job.  The idea that he has to kill (or subdue) “Smokey” is very clear
  • Locke’s side is much easier to see as Episode 16 ends with him blatantly stating it: “I am going to blow up the island.” Simple enough
  • I like the alternate world thingy because I think it could resolve the end really well.  It could be super cheesy but I think it could really work.

Ultimately I am very excited about “THE END” and I think it could be really cool. It has potential – for better or worse.  I hope it will be awesome, I expect it to be epic, and know I will have been changed by this insanity which is LOST. So my fellows, I’ll see you on the other side of the Island.


The Inaugural Post

My fellow….fellows.  Today marks a momentous day…..not really.  This is my first post with another to follow shortly (like in 4 minutes).  I shall be posting Movie Reviews, thoughts, oddities, general internet humors, and anything I find fun, challenging, interesting or otherwise.  I hope the three of you who read this will enjoy my Reviews and my Ramblings and please feel comfortable to comment below…but not comfortable enough to stay here for 2 weeks.  That’s not cool.