Summer Film Challenge 2012

Yup!  Just when you thought I was done with Summer Film Challenges, the year ticked over and a new one begins.  Most of you probably noticed that my “Summer” turned into Fall and then Spring. Well, this year I am more determined than ever to finish on time.

As introduction to this SFC12, my friend and co-challenger drafted a Preamble to our endeavors.  I hope you enjoy and stay tuned for a slew of reviews coming out in the next two weeks.

Ryan and Tyler’s Summer Film Challenge Extravaganza Part 2012 APOCALYPSE EDITION!!!! All Rights Reserved.

Four score and three years ago, our forefathers (meaning, us) set forth a new film challenge which challenged the very nature of film challenges.

Now in it’s third iteration, it finds itself in being the last iteration because the Apocalypse is nearly upon us. Dick Clark is dead, Kim Kardashian is dating Kanye, and our apartment is out of toilet paper… and something about a Mayan calendar.

So, we said to ourselves, “Selves, shouldn’t we make the most of the last bit of our lives and go out watching some fantastic films.” And our selves said, “No! That’s a really stupid idea!” And so we said to them, “Screw you selves! We’re going home!” (What we really meant to say was “go watch movies” but we never really liked our selves anyway, so who cares what they think of us?)

Here’s how this works. We challenge each other to watch movies that the other hasn’t seen but we think they should see. Then we review them, and get into heated arguments about why the other is totally wrong. In addition, we have added a short TV series to the challenge and a small number of classics that neither of us have seen, but probably should.

Thus we arrive at this moment, sitting at our desks randomly stringing a bunch of words together in the hope that they might make a little bit of sense. This is most likely a fruitless endeavor. And I’m thinking about giving up. I’ve probably lost all cognitive function and three years off my soul, so let’s get on with it.


1. A Town Called Panic
2. The Fountain
3. Ghost Dog: Way of the Samurai
4. Howl’s Moving Castle
5. My Man Godfrey
6. Parie Je T’aime
7. Resident Evil
8. The Secret of Kells
9. Titan A.E.
10. Zoot Suit

TV Show:   Pushing Daisies



1. The Apartment
2. Blood Simple
3. Dark City
4. 8 1/2
5. A Fish Called Wanda
6. Midnight In Paris
7. Pan’s Labyrinth
8. Raising Arizona
9. Sideways
10. Synecdoche, New York

TV Show:   Firefly + Serenity



1. All About Eve
2. Animal House
3. The Deer Hunter
4. Field of Dreams
5. Planet of the Apes (1968)
6. Sophie’s Choice

It looks like this is going to be a really great season of film-viewing for the both of us.  I know I am looking forward to a bunch of them and am excited to see which ones surprise me.  If you missed our Film Challenge last year, check out this link to my reviews page.  Each SFC11 film is marked with an asterisk* and is linked to the review.  The page should also be set up for this Summer Film Challenge with ** by each film.

Thanks for tuning in.  I am really looking forward to another great summer of movies and sharing reviews with you.  Expect one every week (that is my pace to stay on top of this thing) and a few extra reviews in between.  So until Animal House arrives from Netflix, have a great summer and I will see you here real soon.

Oh….here is a hint to what my next review is going to be:  Scowly Arrow.  Enjoy!]

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