About Soontobeangel

Tyler Welch is a film scholar and critic whose passion for cinema is matched only by his desire to educate others of its potential for personal and cultural transformation.  From the foothills of East Tennessee, Tyler moved to Los Angeles to study filmmaking and completed his BFA in Cinema Production in 2013.  His work includes several award-winning student films, such as Expiration Date, Apocalypso, and Mama’s Boy – as well as recently debuted feature film Friended to Death.  Further, two papers authored by Welch have been presented at the Popular Culture Association convention.  He aspires to teach film production and critical studies at the University Level.

This blog, created in 2010, serves as a portal for various reviews of film, television, and gaming, as well as critical essays on the nature of these mediums and culture.  Examining the art and sciences of film, as well as larger impacts on culture by different media, this blog seeks to expand the average film-goers knowledge of cinema and open up the world of the movie to all.

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2 thoughts on “About Soontobeangel”

  1. Dear Tyler, I am searching permission for one of your images to use in a book I am writing. The image is George Bailey praying on the bridge, your image is clear and superb. Do you have any information how I can do this? I inquired RKO that has the rights but they do not have this picture and so they say they cannot give me permission for something they do not have? I thought you may with your training have insight others seem to lack. Thank you and hope to hear from you, sincerely, cherie young in Ohio

    1. Hey Cherie!
      Sorry for the long wait for a reply! Thanks for checking out my reviews!
      About the image, I don’t actually know. I found it using a Google search and pulled it for my own purposes. Most likely, I got it from this site: http://gointothestory.blcklst.com/2010/12/great-characters-george-bailey-its.html. I am working on editing my posts to include citations for where my images come from but I did not contact RKO to get permission. I’m afraid I don’t know anything about the copyright information – particularly when using it in a book.
      Sorry I can’t be of more help, but I hope you find the answers and if you do, let me know! Maybe one day I’ll be in the same spot and need the answer too!

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